Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yeah well...i'm back after like...lemme count, hold on...*counting fingers* 10 months? been busy, cant blame me rite? anyways...update to the blog..hmmm...i'm still the same...i'm still weiric..juz that i've manage to level up in my "awesome-o-meter" thanks to barney stintson.

I've found my new favorite TV shows,

1. How i met your mother (extremely funny)
2. Top Gear UK (totally awesome host)
3. Knight rider 2008 (the babes! sarah and zoey are hot!)
4. Grey's anatomy (everything is nice)

Then i've found my favorite movies! Although "Top gun" is the all time favorite..

1. Casino Royale
2. Quantum of Solace
3. Valkyrie
4. Forgetting sarah marshall

Next update, hmmm....yeah! im a licensed driver now. haha! lucky pass though..but wat the hell i'm still a qualified driver! awesome! boast my awesomeness as well. then, i'm still single. thats the thing that i was hoping to change..

speaking of that, last night, slept rather late...had a dream..or i should say a nightmare, because i thought i was over her and she just pop up in my freaking dream!
forgive me for my retardness of talking bout the dream here..coz my dad said this morning, "stupid ppl discuss bout the dream they had"

i suppose i was at a park very close to those houses around. i was jogging, then i ran pass a couple. the girl looked superbly familiar. the long black wavy hair, not permed, but naturally waved due to the hair band, the eyes that tells you, "i need you, but i'm strong enough to hold on". and the very beautiful nose and lips. the couple walked towards the lift area at the void deck next to park. The in dream 'me' was so so so stupid, that i stopped joggin and went over and called her name..i said (i swear i remember this from the dream clearly) "B******". the couple turned around, and f**k, its really her. she called out my name, and then the guy next to her was like, "hey, you guys should have a time for each other, I always have my time with her" then, at the moment i was like, wat a bugger! i so wanted to elbow him in the nose. we went to a room, we talked..i dunno, i think we locked lips for once. but i remember we din get back together, coz i walked off..the last question i asked her was. "What went wrong?" she told me what, then i got up, in teary eyes (p***y rite), then i walked out of the room, i saw the guy, i told him in a cry-ey voice, those trembling voice. "u better treat her good, or i will break your nose, i swear to god i will hunt you down and i will destroy you. Be good to her" then i walked out.

What the hell rite! but ah..its a dream la, still it kinda bring my mood down alil. i'm a sad sad person. BUT WELL I ALWAYS HAVE THE THING TO CHEER ME Up! 'HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER'!!! BARENY STINTSON ALWAYS CHEERS ME UP.

well...i guess i'll stop here...shall blog soon....there is so many things to talk about recently. HAHA AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

hmmm...bad...things are getting worst...the mother and the father are still in bad term...sign when can i go back to the usual life with the both of them by are oki and by my side...damn stupid know this kinda things...anyways..did a couple of models this week the F14 1/100 finally done..damn nice damn cool esp. the swing wing..and i did my messerschmitt me262 really nicely..and i finally done well on my weathering technique!! woOT!!! now all my planes looked used!! which is good!! why do we wanna weather our plane models? you might ask...model fighter jets look really fake when u juz finish the paint job and give it a gloss..the panel lines cant be seen as do the weathering to make the lines in reality grim and dirt get stuck in this panel we make it look as real as possible by panel lining the plane and weathering the picture of my F14 and messerschmitt....damn i'm out of smaller scale planes to perfect my air brushing skills..i still suck at making the landing gear stand properly and priming my air brushing is oki already..but now is my spray can technique....aww..wth..juz keep building and practicing..heres my picture!! please comment!! sorry bout the lousy picture quality....taken wif my n73...and i suck at photo taking...

Friday, March 28, 2008

If...IF you cant take what people say about you..then dun say about other it joking or not...WOW..finally i get to use it...on the person who told that to MUM! ok ok i know, frends out there you must be thinking i'm being rude and unfilial or whatever...but until i tell you the whole'll get what i mean.

9 plus on the night of 28/03/08, The family was out...having fun chatting joking around...joked about each other's habit and stuffs...we all knew we were joking...but suddenly the mother started to flame the father and the kid (me la!)..the mother..yes..i know a freaking hard working person, trying her best to support the is the we remembered one joke she mentioned..abt the father..."besides not going out to drink and have affairs, what other good things do you have?" (pardon the poor english...its directly translated from cantonese) the father replied..."beside being so hardworking and keep working, what other good things do you have?" well, this joke came up again..then the mother felt somewhat offended...previously wasn't like that...then she really started to flame at us...i mean what the fuck la...we were joking you know? you were laughing to it la! then suddenly flame us what the hell rite?! so...the mother started to throw temper...shutting herself up..while eating the father apologised to her...beg her for forgiveness...and everything..asking her to eat..please eat...i'm sorry all these...but she give fucked up i dun want kinda affected the kid..then i flamed at her.."hey you know we were joking, why are you so offended for? if u cant take jokes..then dun start it alright!?" then the whole night was just loud shouting and argument in the car, at the coffeeshop nothing happened...thats wat ppl call.."calmness b4 the storm".

Ah f**k it...seriously...the mother has become even more immature than me, i think...maybe the tings she taught me about life...she passed it to me..and didn't keep some for herself...i'm sick and tired of hearing them quarrel..everytime this kind of things happen...i just wanna go out..walk and dun care...hoping when i come back everything will be fine..but the truth never work this way..what the just let the both of them soften down...i dun wanna make things worst anymore..cos if i say the truth out..the mother will always feel i'm siding the i should just shut up....and do my model kits...relief stress that way....GRRRaaaRRR!!

anyways..i've finished my second model kit..the F5 tiger..but i've made it into the MiG-28 in the movie TOP GUN. haha..i bought it at miniature hobby @ MS...very cheap..the china brand..but seriously..i kind of regretted it..the canopy dun fit, the landing gear dun fit..almost everything dun had to improvise on ways to cover up the wholes and stuffs..i used clay!!!!! since i dun have putty yet...stuffs as many as possible..and level it with the body..the front canopy...broke..due to excessive force used trying to make that shitty ting fit!!!!!! god! i threw it away..haha..had to make a platform or stand for the plane so it looks like it's flying..upwards for i used the stand that was meant for my F4, and used clay again as the not that good looking...i make the red stars with my own improvised ya..dun look like star from heres my please give comments and stuff! thank you!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jets, Plastic, Thinner and Paint

what do you have if u mix these together, fighter jets with plastic with thinner and get..fighter jet model kit!! yes, it is official i have re-lighted the passion on building model kit. history has it that i used to build all these kind of model kits when i was younger...but..wasn't that passionate bout it yet..and really sucked at it.

this hobby really has it's pros and cons, of course like every other thing in the world.
Pros: people with freaking bad temper like a walking time bomb can train on their patience and also allows you to be better with colors because most of the models come in just one dumb colour and your plane will look BORING! and these hobby beats sitting by the computer play pussy online games like MAPLE STORY!! yes..i hate that game..its stupid...i dunno why my cousins play that game..disappointed...everyday my maple account power leh! *talk to the hand brother!*

Cons: Its freaking EXPENSIVE! buying the model itself will already cost u a bomb unless u go to miniature hobby at marina sq. to get the cheaper ones la, of course they sell the good ones la..really good tamiya or hasegawa one...but the detailing and the stuffs sucks. E.g. the lines dun join well.. The tools you needa get will make ur parents murder you...heres the list.

1) airbrush, try to get a dual action one..theres cheap dual action..nv get single..and aircan'll screw ur model upside down. been there done that.

2) Compressor. "for smoother and more efficiency on ur airbrush please get a Compressor!" or maybe u can get a big ass aquarium pump..that'll work too.

3) Paints. when u flip thru the manual of ur model..there is alot of shit ass colors stated...and some freaking colors u only need them for a few dots and u have to get the whole freaking bottle! tamiya ones is the worst! 4.80 for one..basket..4.80 juz to make afew dots!

Ya these are the major cons i can think of, well of course there is alternatives...a bugger like me who wants the result and dun wanna spend too much..we tend to go out far to look for alternatives..haha..shall post on that next time...

well. my most current finished project is my F4 Phantom 1/100 by tamiya...left over at my dad's shop...yeah..robbed it from my dad, used it to practice before laying hands on my 1/48 F14 god that plane is da bomb! no no not kamikaze bomb..its the thing! the...(what do the blacks say) the sex?! watever la..its PERFECT...the plane is a work of art and a Masterpiece really...the F4 i got was actually the japan air force's camo color...just grey..screw who the hell wants an F4 with grey? F4 should be the one in blk 46 or White for the US navy! dumb erm..went to the uncle steven's weekend to my mum's coffee crash course on air brushing and modelling here are some pics of my F4 phantom..first properly built nicely build plane...the pictures are not weathered yet..and my N73 has a good cam juz tt i'm not good with cameras...all my 19 yrs..

speaking of F14...How i took the drug of modeling back on..hmm..had to be watching top gun again..i've watched that movie on LD more than i can remember when i was a kid, facinated by the F14 Tomcat and now i've downloaded it on to my laptop, basket u see tom cruise as maverick..flying here flying there...getting his plane upside down showing the aggressor the 'bird' with his hands..haha and the bed scene..wah soft porn ah that first exposure to erm...french kissing and bed yep...i'm currently painting and detailing my cheap ass 5.60 F5...making it look like top gun's MiG-28 that never existed at update asap!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Contender Asia...BEGINS
Yes! This is the night, the start of a new born contender champion...16 top international Muay Thai Boxers face-off in training grounds, outdoor challenges and real matches, to be crowned as the first The Contender Asia. Fighters include,Yodsanklai, John Wayne Parr, singapore's very own Zach and many more, remember to stick to ur cable vision channel 19 AXN asia. Im not gonna miss it babe!!...Heres the introduction video of the show courtesy of youtube, where u can find any video except blue film.

INK Affair
Have been watching tv alot recently at night, around the 10 pluz to 12. Gotta relax from the stress of studying and working at the same time. Caught Miami Ink for a couple of weeks, and i tell u, their tattoos are artwork, its a totally different level man...artwork! Ami James and his crew are the gurus of tattoo-ing man. and then i saw this tattoo lady, name Kat Von D, been watching for some episodes, somehow she got kicked out of Miami Ink and started her own show LA Ink which will be airing tonight at 10 on discovery travel and living...damn Wednesday night will be my favorite night man!!! Anyways, Kat, she is like the goddess of tattoo-ing, she is hot...really hot, let the picture do the work la, heres a picture of her i got from her web.

ain't she hot? well shes got hotter pictures up there but trying to keep the blog time.
anyways...erm..i have to apologize for one thing on my blog...that is the font size problem...really blogger's font sizing thingy sucks man..damn...really really suck!! however, they juz made blogging easier, like adding tagboard and positioning it and also music players yada yada...praise to that but...critics to the font size tingy man...dude it still suck! perhaps is that i suck la...hey they cant say tell me of or it on the mute guy man!! blame it on th mute guy...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stop and Stare

Yep, everything has a new beginning. made a new blog...this is it, short and simple name...i believe its much easier to type for u guys out there rite, sorry ah..sashimi blog no more, all grown up already. Haha...anyways...well, start of a new blog, start of a new study way...must must work really hard to get into NTU or NUS engineering man!! My dream man! and well also my parents' dream too must make their dream come true!! coz they juz gave alot to friends out there, please understand why sometimes i dun go outing or play or train with you guys, not i dun want is i scared i cant cope. but holidayS!! i'll be back man! i promise.

Anyways, how i got this address of the blog? "stop and stare" ya..i'm sure those who listen to english songs. ya it's a song by one republic, also called stop and stare. i love that song bro...power pack!

Not My Day
This morning i got up early, go to sch...for my man and machine IS course. but fuck i think i went to the wrong room or wrong floor or wateva. wanted to tell the teacher if i could leave early coz my eye wasnt feeling that well. but i went up...see no one, then er..dunno wat to do..then go see doc lor. tot the lecturer change room or wateva, then sent him an email...haha...i think is i 'bai wu long', but got the MC wif me..ha! talisman no scared!!!!! hahah

i officially lost my wallet for the second time in my life...last time nvm..not much things inside coz primary sch wallet, wat does a primary sch kid have man!!!! but this time different! poly kid liao!! wtf! wallet got too many important tings lor, my dental appointment card, my newly replaced NP student card, my NP ez-link card, my IC!!! fuCK! my IC MAN!!!! and my SGD 200 bucks! which im gonna bank in the afternoon! WTF!!!

i tell u, dun say i cruel, zek ark or wateva, but NB i really curse tt bastard who pick up my wallet nv return...if he return minus abit thing, he take my money i curse him till he die ah! "!*$^%*@^#*%^#(%&#@%*@&**@^#&%^@*@(&%^& " HA take tt my vulgar combo! seriously, anyone out there any kind souls out there u pick up return to me plz...take any thing but my cards and cash...which i think most unlikely will be still there de la...but nb u take my cash i'll fucking hunt u down and kill u... watch it man!! u watch it...yes im looking at you dun turn away i am looking at u!!! guilty rite!!! return me now...!!

Today, went for my first ever driving lesson! wah seh..clucthing sucks man i'm starting to regret taking manuel transmission...ccb i depress the clutch and control tt bloody paddle till my leg tired la...shaking man....*elvis dance* haha..but damn playing arcade liddat...

the first ting the instructor taught was how to get out correctly, adjust the mirrors and stuffs...yada yada...then come the drive forward and reverse...funny ah...ppl normally do better moving forward..but he say my reverse and then stop was smoother than my front...funny ah...why ah..nvm la..then we went rounding the bad man, i'm a fast learner..not i turn corners and stuff wif no probs!!

the instructor said i was a fast learner, Talented mum gave birth to me this way..making best out of it...hahaha!!! Just kidding...but overall driving was good...was fun...thank zanel for telling me where to find my car man...if not go there like moutain turtle liddat damn paiseh la...cant wait for my next driving lesson!! but wateva it is..juz go replace all my cards and for the 200 bucks keep praying boy...juz keep praying..hahaha!!